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joshua lipsey


Joshua is a former professional athlete turned core training specialist with over 20 certifications in the field. Applied functional science and 3D Motion Analysis are two of his many certifications. Joshua has a great understanding of exercise physiology, bio-mechanics of the spine, and how to activate proprioception in major and minor core muscles. He’s a charming and grounded leader with a no-nonsense attitude that pushes his clients beyond their full potential.

During the off-season of his professional basketball season, Joshua slipped a disc in his back and felt that the physiotherapists and chiropractors only provided a short-term fix to his chronic condition. He spent his entire summer developing “core” transitions, holds, and functional movements that would help balance out all his major core muscles. This is what lead him to the creation of “CORE CONCEPTS”. Joshua feels that it is not good enough to “work on core muscles” and is more concerned with “core movement”. Core Concepts has help changed the bodies of thousands of people all over the world and has been featured on CNN, EXTRA, ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, SELF MAGAZINE and FITNESS magazine.

As founder and director of Core Concepts, Joshua has become one of Toronto’s most sought after fitness consultants and core specialists for both the private and public sectors. His expertise and focus is core enhancement and stabilization and through years of practice and study he has developed thousands of core exercises and progressions. His training specialties include functional stability, strength and conditioning, abdominal stability done through combination, dynamic and functional movements as well as holds. He combines his method with a healthy lifestyle to help his clients achieve their weight loss goals and lifestyle management.

Core Concepts is not only a core workout it is a lifestyle and culture.

Push Yourself.

conrad salmon

Senior Core Specialist, WCO, FMS

Conrad specializes in core training/boxing and functional movement exercises. He is constantly creating new workout routines in order to achieve the goals set out by his clients. He continues to advance new theories and concepts to help gain the knowledge and practice in this field. Conrad works with a clients of all ages. He is able to help and connect with many teens in order to keep a healthy lifestyle in and out of the gym. It’s no surprise Conrad is one of Toronto`s most sought after trainers, not to mention his incredible talent in calisthenics.

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